2006-12-31 Indoor Brick

felt great on the bike trainer (30 minutes, all on the aerobars, all strong, which is a first... the powercranks really make it tough to stay aero for too long, as they overwork the hip flexors when aero). so i decided to make a brick out of it by hitting the treadmill after the bike. horrible run! i can't believe how high my HR was for the speed i was running. i don't know if i should blame my weight (up about 5% since the last time i was running regularly), the powercranks wiping my legs out (i suspect this is the primary factor), or just that i'm out of shape for running. whatever the cause, the run was a total disaster. i effectively had no "zone 3", so i had to allow my HR to spike higher than i wanted. HR recovery was adequate but not spectacular (30 bpm in the first minute)

i've been thinking about 2007 goals... not sure what they are yet. last year i managed to take home some hardware in a race, but i don't expect to repeat that feat this year. my age group is going to be particularly hard this year, as nearly every fast local athlete is going to be in the same age group. i signed up for one race in september, but i'm not sure which races i will do before then. i have a two week whitewater rafting trip down the lower half of the Grand Canyon midsummer. i'll have to see how that affects my training.

i want to get my weight back down to 160, which i should be able to do without too much difficulty if i keep my diet the same, but ramp up my training. if i'm doing my math correctly, i can lose 1 lbs./week without changing anything except my workout volume, which will have me at my target weight well before the race season begins.


2006-12-27 Bike Trainer

Only 20 minutes... my right hamstring was tight. After I was warmed up and my hamstring loosened up a bit, I hopped off for a good stretch session.

Did some dietary damage over the past few days, but that's what the holidays are for, eh?


2006-12-13 Bike Trainer

I think I'm doing the "30 minutes on the bike trainer with powercranks" thing a wheeeeee bit too often. Nonetheless, I can't go much longer than that, and going for less than that doesn't give me the satisfying "I worked out" vibe that I want. Luckily, my weak muscles are balancing out, so longer rides (or rides at higher cadence, or whatever) are going to become a possibility soon.

I found out yesterday that Masters Swimming is moving, effective tonight, to a new (and MUCH less convenient!) pool. I'm trying to decide what to do about this. The simple fact is that I almost never go to the YMCA except to swim, so moving locations isn't a big deal. It would add 30 minutes to my round-trip swim times, but that isn't a big deal. JL (coworker, and damn fast triathlete) suggested maybe we could carpool, which would be nice. Hrmmm... we'll see. Historically, I'm not able to get good swim workouts on my own. The Masters class really pulls me up a bit.


2006-12-12 Bike Trainer

Same workout as last night, basically. Only not as painful during the first few minutes. Power dropped late in the workout (couldn't even hold 16mph!). Stretchfest after.


2006-12-11 Bike Trainer

'k. the sloth has to end. time to start working out regularly again, and logging my workouts. my sloth is starting to affect my mental state, and i can't allow that. i have enough stress in my life already (Dreyfus having an incurable cancer, the holidays, my non-existent love life, career concerns, etc.)... i know from previous exerience that getting back in to a regular workout routine is good for my spirit.

tonight was another bike trainer ride. expect to see a lot of these, as they are working my running muscles quite effectively, and it's too damn cold to run anyway :-). 30 minutes. first ten sucked as my hip flexors and hammies just didn't want to move. next ten were great... best i've felt on the powercranks. next ten were sloppy as my form broke down from getting tired.

gotta get back to the pool again. maybe i'll get my butt back to masters! i was in the pool a week or two ago, but i lacked the motivation to do much. i think i eneded up doing 2000 yards, with no set longer than 250.

weight is stable in the upper 170's, but body composition is a bit off.