2007-01-30 Bike Trainer

Been in a VERY pissy mood all day... which is bad, in general, but good when channeled towards a workout :-).

Just over an hour, HR 139 average (time to start tracking my HR again). HR includes warmup and cooldown. I was at an almost constant 145 for the workout. Speed had really dropped by 55 minutes, so I did the last 5 hard.

I'm still in a pissy mood, but at least now I'm tired, so maybe I can sleep off the blues :-).

Weight is still upper 170's, and isn't dropping. My diet is within acceptable limits, but I'm not working out enough. If I can't get my weight to start dropping by mid-February, I'm going to have to make an explicit effort to get the pounds off.


2007-01-28 Bike Trainer

Lowered my handlebars last night, so the PowerCranks are a little bit harder again. The bars are still 4-6" above my "normal" position, and my normal position isn't too agressive. I will continue to lower the bars as I adjust more and more to the PowerCranks.

Unknown time. I was watching an old DVD of the Hawaii Ironman. Probably 40 minutes. No followup brick.

Core session after.


2007-01-27 Bike Trainer

30+ minutes (not sure of the exact time, but it was 30 minutes post-warmup and pre-cooldown).

My hamstrings are still a bit tired at the end of a good trainer ride, but my hip flexors aren't limiting me any more. Not doing bricks lately, as my damn right glute pain is back.


2007-01-17 Bike Trainer

wow. no energy at all tonight. forgot to reset the timer, but i would be shocked if this workout was more than 30 minutes. i was SLUGGISH. yucko!


2007-01-14 Indoor Brick

Cut the bike portion short... my right hamstring never loosened up (it is normally tight from about 5-15 minutes, but this time it didn't loosen up after 15, so I was off the bike by 20). 5K on the treadmill, with a mix of speeds from 6.5mph to 8.5mph. HR on the treadmill was once again absurdly high.


2006-01-07 Indoor Brick

35 minutes on debra, jog over to treadmill at apt. complex gym, 2 miles (mix of speed), job back.

good workout. felt fine after.


2007-01-04 Bike Trainer

team P invited me over for a yummy dinner, then we all watched a dvd of farscape, with G and I on our bike trainers, and J/g sitting nearby. just barely over 30 minutes, but when combined with my ride earlier today, i'm gonna have to score thursday, january 4, 2007 as a good workout day.

2007-01-04 Lunch Ride

lunchtime ride on the southern (flat) route from the office. my tummy was giving me some trouble (cramping). hrmm... i wonder if it was the plate of general tso's chicken i had for lunch just before the ride?

didn't use my watch, HRM, or cyclecomputer, but MH said the ride was 48 minutes.

did a trainer ride yesterday, but forgot to log it.