2007-04-29 Bike

Grrr... I gotta remember to log my workouts.

Bike ride with GP. First time over the ridge in a while. I was able to get over, but I had to get my HR way higher than I wanted. Kept my HR low the rest of the ride, so I finished feeling just fine.

Stats here (from GP's GPS... add four easy miles to get to/from my crib)


2007-04-22 Bike

Southern route with GP. Some of the roads I've been on, some I were new. But the general area was familiar. I put an HR cap of 150 in place (broke it a few times on the hills, but only over 160 once), so it was not a speedy-go-fast ride. My bum was sore from yesterday's ride, and I managed to forget my gloves, which is really annoying on Jennifer (it isn't as bad on Debra because Debra has aerobars, but Debra also has my PowerCranks right now, so long rides on her are not feasible.)

Stats: 40 miles, 15.5mph (maybe less... GP had to stop for me a a few times, but the four extra miles I did were all > 15.5mph. I don't know my real stats). HR average of 142, but that includes a few minutes in my apartment after the ride. Weight is at 180 lbs., which is annoying. The extended winter this year meant an extra month of me eating like a hog, and a month less of getting outside for rides. Oh well.


2007-04-21 Bike

Random solo bike ride, heading East, then poking around (ostensibly house hunting :-)) on the East shore. Some poor route choices resulted in some time spend in nasty neighborhoods and REALLY nasty roads. My original plan was to work my way north, cross the river at the 81/322 bridge, head up to Marysville, then down 850 and back over the ridge via Lambs Gap. That plan failed miserably when I realized that 81 is an Interstate. I actually had no choice but to ride it for a mile or two, but there was no way I was going to cross the river on that bridge. So I had to head back down front street and cross the Taylor bridge. By that time, I was almost home, and I didn't have the energy to go up the ridge. It would have been 6 miles on 11/15 to Marysville (which is a crappy road), and I was already a bit tired. So I poked around in the area north of Market / South of 81 (again, ostensibly house hunting :-)).

Stats: 40 miles or so, 136 HR average.


2007-04-20 Backlog

I haven't been logging the workouts. I've done a few treadmill runs, and a few trainer rides, but almost no swimming.