2007-05-15 Bike (commute)

I'm not going to log this every time I do it, but... I bike-commuted to work today. I simply can not believe that I waited this long to do it. I had a million excuses, but (as always) almost none of them were valid. I guess today I did it because my Dreyfus-related excuses (none of which were valid) are gone, and I realized that I miss my morning walks. I like to get in some kind of physical activity to get my brain moving.

7.5 miles each way.

Did the ride on Jennifer, with PowerCranks... I haven't done many outdoor rides with PowerCranks, but it is funny how much stuff like railroad crossings mess me up on the PCs :-).


2007-05-13 Bike

Bike ride with GP South of Boiling Springs. 30 miles, but all hilly. I think it was 3300' or so of climbing. I was on Debra today (moved my PC's to Jennifer because I think I'm going to start commuting on her.) Debra was a bit uncomfortable. I think it just takes some time to get reaquainted with my triathlon position. Kept my HR low, only going over 170 once. I didn't really want to push it today. It was a nice day, and my mind was thinking about Dreyfus. I just wanted to cruise and enjoy the weather/scenery. GP was ahead of me during the climbs, which (by time) was most of the ride.


2007-05-06 Bike

Almost the same ride as last week (home -> trindle -> up to and over Sterrit's Gap -> east on 850 past Dr. K's office to Lamb's gap -> up/over Lamb's gap -> back to Trindle -> home), but with a few extra side trips at various points

Great day for a ride. Did this one solo, and kept my HR down for almost the entire ride. Only got above 170 once (top of Sterrit's). Not too much wind, but it was cooler than I expected. My knees kindda hurt after the ride (but not during... go figure).

40.2 miles, 143 HR avg. unknown (but certainly slow) speed.