2008-05-27 Swim + Run

Swim was 8x100 (meters... I'm used to 25 yards, but the pool at LA fitness is SCM, not SCY) All but 150 of the swim was free, and I was taking longish breaks between the 100's. Trying a few new tweaks to my swimming, so things felt strange. I think I need to do another round of videotaping myself. My swim form feels lousy, and I haven't gotten at all faster in more than two years.

Run was 1.0 miles @ 8:33/mile (7.0mph), then I walked until my HR dropped below 100, then I belted out 0.5 miles @ 6:39/mile (9.0mph). The fastest I've ever run a mile was a 6:30something, so I feel good being able to do 0.5 miles at approximately the same pace on a treadmill. With some work, I think I could be in "Mark Rebuck Mile PR" shape. HR was up to 170 by 0.25 miles, and finished at 174.


2008-05-25 Racquetball + Run

One hour of racquetball with BK. 1.0 mile run after (8:37, i think... not all done at the same pace). Cut the run short because I didn't eat breakfast and had no energy. Right IT band still tight, but I'm stretching it every chance I get. Other than that, I feel fine.


2008-05-22 Weights + Run + Swim

A few quick sets of various upper body stuff (at which I was WEAK), then a 2.0 mile run on the treadmill (9:13/mile), then 500m of swimming. On the swim, I tired quickly, so my form went to hell, so I got more tired... It was ugly. By 500m, I was pretty well spent. I hereby nominate the phrase "it's like swimming" to mean the opposite of "it's like riding a bike". I can hop on a bike after years off, and instantly feel comfortable and smooth. I might be weak, but my pedaling form will be just fine. With swimming, it takes me a long time to regain my form. And swimming is easier when you have good form, so there is a negative feedback loop in the form of -> tire quickly, lose form, tire even faster, lose more form, get out of pool and wonder how you let yourself get this far out of swimming shape.


2008-05-20 Racquetball + Run

One hour of racquetball with WDH and RH. Played great the first game (won 15-1-1), lost the second game, and can't remember the third.

Ran 1.0 miles on the treadmill after. Range of speeds from 9:13/mile to 6:00/mile, finishing the mile in 8:06.

Planned stretchfest tonight.


2008-05-19 Racquetball + Run

60 minutes of racquetball with WDH. First game was a warmup, during which I played well. Second game was the start of our $-games... We decided last Friday that maybe it was time to take our amature game to the big leagues. To make it fair, we decided that that I should give 3:1 odds. Naturally, Bill took off like a champ when the $ was down, vaulting to a 13-4 lead. This was when [cue the dramatic music] Mark's Patented "Super-duper-jerkwad-who-refuses-to-lose Mode" kicked in. I fought back to take the game (and the $1.00 :-)) 15-13. The third game wasn't quite as close, but I managed to win that one too. Bill's heart rate averaged 138 for the hour, and he is in much better cardio shape than me, so I'm guessing I got a good workout too.

Then I did my nightly run. The first mile just sort of drifted by (9:13/mile). I decided to do the next stretch faster, so I started bumping up the speed every 0.1 miles. The final 0.1 was done at 9.0mph / 6:39/mile. Total was 2.13 miles in 18:00 minutes. Then I walked 0.5 miles to cool down.


2008-05-18 Updates

Been doing frequent/short runs. Eight days in a row now. See http://markrebuck.motionbased.com/

Feeling fairly good on these run. Right hip/glute/hamstring area is still tight, but I'm stretching and massaging daily, so it is feeling better over time. I think the runs are helping more than they are hurting.


2008-05-14 Treadmill run

A mile on the treadmill, after racquetball. 9:13/mile. HR at the end was 138, if I recall correctly (had to use the handles because I didn't have my HR strap on).


2008-05-12 Treadmill Run

Started at 10:00/mile, then increased the speed by 0.1mph every 0.1 mile. (I actually did 0.5mph per 0.5 miles for the first two miles or so, then switched to 0.1mph/0.1mile ... same effect.) Much like the old "shot of beer per minute for an hour" trick, this workout is easy at the start and hard at the end :-).

My last 0.1 mile was @ 7:03/mile, but I felt great. HR was something like 173 at the end, so I probably could have pushed a bit more. 0.5 miles @ 10:00/mile to cool down.

0.5 @ 10:00/mile, 0.5 @ 9:13/mile, 0.5 @ 8:34/mile, 0.5 @ 8:00/mile, 0.5 @ 7:30/mile, then 5x0.1 mile increments ending at 7:03/mile. Total mileage was just over 3.0 miles.

2008-05-11 Treadmill Run

I'm only going to be logging descriptions for workout not uploaded to my motionbased.com site.

I'm trying to do "frequent, short runs" for a while, just to see what happens. My right leg/IT band/hamstring/glute area is still in need of work, but other than that I am injury-free these days.

Today was: 0.5 miles @ 10:00/mile, 1.0 mile @ 7:30/mile, 0.5 miles @ 10:00/mile. No HR data.