2008-06-30 Updates

My run streak is up to 52 days in a row! My daily minimum is 20 minutes, and I haven't been going past that more than once or twice per week, so I'm not racking up any kind of serious mileage. But I'm injury-free, and I'm seeing improvement when I look at my HR/pace numbers. I'm going to keep doing short daily runs until either my body isn't absorbing the work, or I stop seeing improvements. I might bump up my daily minimum run time if I can do so without breaking down.

I've only been swimming once/week, and I haven't been biking nearly as much I would like (but I'm having problems finding the time to squeeze in bike rides... runs are much easier to schedule.)


2008-06-10 Bike Commute + Updates

Commuted by bike today. I'll post my weekly bike commute totals here, but I'm not going to post every ride. I don't take the Carlisle Pike, which would be the most direct route. I go South to Trindle, then over and up to 114. 6.4 miles, nice shoulder on the road for most of trip, relatively flat... good stuff. Wouldn't be a workout on Debra or Amy, but I did the ride today on J (she's the one with the PowerCranks), and will probably continue to do so. 20+ minutes on the PowerCranks makes it a workout, but not one that kills me.

Run streak is at 31 days and counting! Doing short/frequent runs and stretching after almost every one is helping with the constant near-injuries on my right side. I don't feel any pain any more, but I also don't feel 100% solid. I have a feeling that I would get injured if I tried to bump up my mileage much.


2008-06-07 Run + Swim

Didn't feel like running outside today (it's 95 degrees or something absurd like that). So I went over to the LA Fitness for a treadmill run. 1.0 @ 9:13 (final HR=130), 1.0 @ 8:00 (final HR=150), then a walk until my HR hit 120, then 1.0 @ 6:39 (HR at 178-182 for the entire thing). 6:39 for a mile is damn near a PR for me. I'll have to try a hard mile outside sometime to see if I can beat my old record. Cooldown walk after, to bring my total time up to 30:00. I think it was 3.6 miles for the 30 minutes.

Swim after was lame. Mostly just slow, bilateral breathing, forcing myself to swim almost catchup strokes. As soon as my form went to hell (about 500 meters), I switched to breastroke or drills. Then I was done.


2008-06-04 Run + Swim

Treadmill run. 15:00 @ 9:13/mile, 1.63 (?) miles. Pulse was 132 at end.

Swim was mostly drills, 100m of breast, then ended with 300m of free, breathing bilaterally . No watch so I have no idea how fast I was swimming. I really have to do something about my swimming. It sucks! It probably won't make any difference in my race in late August (big limiter for that will be getting on the bike more!). But still... my swimming stinks.


2008-06-02 Run

The suck-factor on motionbased.com is off the charts lately, so I'm having difficulty uploading my runs there. I'm also sick of recording my workouts in multiple places, so anyone reading this blog will probably see some slimmed-down entries here. I'm using SportTracks to log my workouts, but I'll try to make duplicate entries here.

Tonight was a fairly standard run from my crib... 3.39 miles in 30:17, or 8:56/mile. Average HR 148. Stretch and massage after.


2008-05-31 Run

Treadmill run @ Mary Beth's Sister's crib.

My pre-workout meal was an all-you-can-eat seafood dinner. I stuffed myself silly because I needed to "get my money's worth" from the $59.00 meal :-). I'm talking about 18 king crab legs, 12 steamed shrimp, 12 clams, 6 fried shimp, a crabcake, a crab, and a few french fries. And some beer.

Run was on Cassie's treadmill. It was a weird treadmill, both bouncy and incapable of keeping a constant pace. It would slow on footstrike, then accelerate on pushoff. 1.0 mile @ 7.0mph... maybe... I couldn't judge he accuracy of the speed. Then 0.5 miles at 8.0mph, and enough mileage at 6.0mph to bring me up to 15 minutes. My tummy was hurting way too much to do any more.

22 days in a row of running at least one mile!