2009-02-22 Week in review

Yet another all-run week... but I swear, I'm going to start hitting the bike again soon!

Monday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ Hotel near Philly. Right big toe was inexplicably sore at the start, but felt fine by the end.
Tuesday: 3.44 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. Caffeine with lunch had me wired. HR was lower than normal for the speed.
Wednesday: 3.46 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Thursday: 3.38 miles, 31:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. Felt sluggish.
Friday: 4.00 miles, 33:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. 5:00 @ 6.8mph, 1.0 mile @ 8.5mph, then down to 7.0mph until 4.0 miles. HR maxed at 160 during the 8.5mph stretch, which felt just fine.
Saturdy: 6.05 miles, 52:45. Conewago trail with Bill, Nate, Justin, Eric. Felt crappy at the start, but pretty good by the end. Did last mile hard, but started it WAY too hard, and faded at the half-mile marker. Last mile still came in at 7:12.
Sunday: 3.54 miles, 30:20. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. I intended to go longer, but lack of food and liquids had my body telling me to stop when my 30:00 was up.

Weekly total: 27.12 miles, 3:57:25 (8:45/mile avg. pace). Not a bad week. Will probably try to get back to 30 miles next week.


2009-02-15 Week in review

Monday: 4.08 miles, 34:16. On Conewago trail on my way back from a client's site.
Tuesday: 3.75 miles, 34:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Wednesday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Thursday: Double. 4.0 miles, 34:00. Had a lot of anxiety (work... everything else is going quite well these days). The run didn't really help me deal with the anxiety, so I talked wdh in to joining me for a run at Wildwood. 3.51 miles in 30:04 for the second run.
Friday: 3.36 miles, 31:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Saturday: 5.02 miles, 45:36. One lap at Wildwood (taking the boardwalk and the East Shore trail to skip all of the hills :)), then out/back on the canal to bring it up to 5 miles.
Sunday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ Desmond hotel in Malvern, where Mary Beth is at a conference. Treadmill was a bit weird, but the 30 minutes went quick because I had some good podcasts.

Total for the week: 30.22 miles, 4:28:56, 8:54/mile average pace. This is slightly more than the 10% bump I was looking for week-over-week, so I'll probably scale down this week to recover.

"Run at least 1.0 miles/day" streak is at 282 days... Jon's record is about to fall :-). Slowtwitch's "100 runs / 100 days" score is sitting at 63 runs in 62 days.


2009-02-08 Week in review

Another all-run week. Been feeling generally good, but unmotivated to do long workouts. We had a nasty January (7 degrees colder than last January!), but hopefully February will allow more outside running. I love running in 40-50 degree weather.

Monday: Treadmill. 3.45 in 30:00. Started at 7.0mph, dropped speed after a while because my body just wasn't feeling it (tight calf muscles).
Tuesday: Treadmill. 3.50 in 30:00. Don't remember the details, but I think I was doing 6.8 for 20 minutes, then increased the speed until the end.
Wednesday: Treadmill. 3.30 in 30:00. Boooooring.
Thursday: Treadmill with wdh. 3.75 miles in 30:00. 6.8mph for 10 minutes, then +0.1mph/minute. Moved up even more to get to 9.0mph at the end of the 30:00. Felt great.
Friday: Treadmill. 3.25 miles, 30:00. HR cap at 140, adjusting incline to stay under cap.
Saturday: Two laps @ Wildwood with wdh. I was a whiny bitch after the hills started :-). I'm very, very weak on the hills these days!
Sunday: Treadmill. 3.51 miles, 31:00. All at 1% grade, 6.8mph.

Weekly totals: 27.07 miles in 4:04:55, for 9:03 pace. No specific injuries on the horizon, but I'm still doing massage and using my foam roller when I get a chance.

In other fitness news: I appear to be stalled in the high 30's in my pushup challenge. We usually do the challenge Monday afternoons, but I'm going to be at a client's site tomorrow, so I did my pushups today and only got 37. I think the extra energy from the fellas at work would have pushed me to 40, but it just wasn't there when I was on my own. Looks like it is going to take me a LONG time to get to 100!


2009-02-01 Week in review

Once again, it was all-running-no-biking/swimming.

Monday: 3.32 miles, 30:00
Tuesday: 3.60 miles, 30:02
Wednesday: 3.40 miles, 30:02
Thursday: 3.45 miles, 30:01
Friday: 3.41 miles, 30:02
Saturday: 3.36 miles, 31:00
Sunday: 6.01 miles, 56:31

My Monday-Saturday runs were all on the treadmill at LA Fitness. Although they were all 30:00, I did manage to vary the speed and incline a bit... I can't stand doing the exact same workout day after day after day. Sunday's run was outside with wdh, np, eg, and j(?). It was extremely icy for the first two miles and the last 3/4 mile. The rest was on the concrete sidewalks. Blah. I would almost have preferred the treadmill!

Total: 26.55 miles, 3:57:38, 8:57/mile average.