2009-04-05 Week in review

Whoops. Missed another weekly update for last week. Apologies to both of you (I think only two people ever see this blog :-)). Last week was only 15 miles of running. Mostly at quick pace, but only 15 miles total. I also did a few bike rides on the trainer.

Last week and this were dedicated to recovery from the Slowtwitch 100/100. I feel much better now. I'm looking forward to doing some faster runs, even if my total mileage drops a bit. I think 20-25 miles/week is a good target, with more of the runs being fast.

Monday: 2.0 miles, 16:00. Treadmill.

Tuesday: 1.0 miles, 7:30. Treadmill. Didn't feel like doing more, so I didn't :).

Wednesday: 2.1 miles, 17:55. Around the 'hood.

Thursday: 3.1 miles, 23:15. All at 8.0mph, 0.5% on the treadmill.

Friday: 1.0 miles, 8:36.

Saturday: 1.1 miles, 9:32

Sunday: 7.28 miles, 1:09:26, 9:32/mile. Appalachian Trail run with wdh. Did my normal A.T. route from Trindle to the Carlisle pike, then back. Went out a bit too fast, because my stomach wouldn't take fluids and I felt like I was working on the return trip. My legs were sore for a day or two after this one, which makes sense because it was almost half my miles for the week, and I was working rather hard. Great spring day for a run, though! First time I've done my A.T. run with company.

Weekly total: 17:58, 2:32:14, 8:40/mile pace.