Dreyfus had a very fun day at the [I/C]J SuperBowl party, but I didn't bring my camera so I don't have a picture from today. The picture above is from a fetch session a few days ago.

Dreyfus enjoyed meeting Ruddles, [I/C]'s awesome Black Lab. (Yes, I know the link is to a beer company. Obviously, the pooch is named after the beer.) Dreyfus behaved fairly well, but he was still WAY too in-your-face when someone was trying to eat. I simply must teach my dog proper table manners. He also had a little adventure with Ruddles, where they both decided to explore the garbage can a bit. Oh, then there was the time he stuffed his snout in the peanut bowl. Come to think of it... Bad doggie!

(I'll go easy on him. Ruddles is one of those dogs who, as 7-year-old Zoe described it, "keeps trying to do a trick where he stands on Dreyfus' back." Dreyfus gets a pass for the minor humpfest Ruddles put him through.)